8x00: You are so intelligent and beautiful at the same time, teach me how to be you seriously.

Dis how I came out da womb

Anonymous: Your sarcasm shows high intelligence. And your beauty is a plus.

Shows much douchebag*

Anonymous: You are literally the most perfect thing that has walked this earth

That’s a misconception *B.o.B voice

hoadiinh: It's amazing how different you are from other girls. your taste, your sarcasm, your interest is so unique and you are also beautiful. It makes you so incredible attractive that I can describe your attractiveness in words.

Thank you that is so kind

Anonymous: ig??


Anonymous: are you straight?

Are you serious? Dick too bomb

Anonymous: Call csi tonight?Cuz im gonna murder ur pussy tonight --匿名の

I don’t have a cat :/

Anonymous: I saw you in my dream, and you were dying for my dick

Well that’s how you know it’s a dream

Anonymous: hey sorry but before you deleted your blog you had some nice songs, if you could remember can you please name them or some? thank you hope you are having a great day

Tokyo police club RAC remix “wait up”. Mouths Cradle “Demon”. San Cisco “Awkward”. Breakbot “baby I’m yours”. White stripes “white moon”. Princess Chelsea “cigarette duet”. The temptations “earth angel”. Exile ft. Blu “love lines”. Ini “grown man sport”. The shins “kissing the lipless”. Wax Tailor “Que Sera”. Portishead “only you” French version. These are all I can remember :(